By utilizing our media resources and influence and leveraging our team of professionals across China, we can offer companies a recruitment solution designed to
meet their hiring needs for new graduates. We offer the following services:

Graduate Employment Handbook
The "Handbook" is a great reference guide for students, filled with information on recruiting companies as well as tips and advice to help students. Our "Handbook" has the most extensive list of companies and is great for image building and recruitment at the same time. The "Handbook" will be distributed on more than 50 campuses all over China, reaching more than 200,000 graduates of the class of 2002. For students of other universities, information will also be available online in the Campus channel of

Campus Event Planning
To further assist recruiting companies to increase their profile on campuses and reach high quality candidates, we can put together a tailored recruiting program, including:

Organize and plan all of the on-campus events

Handle pre-event promotion and marketing on campus

Oversee the logistics of campus events

Create an online platform to facilitate recruiting

Conduct written tests or interviews

Total Recruitment Solution
We can also manage a company's entire campus recruitment program by offering consulting, agency
and other services. Based on the client's needs, we can develop a recruitment plan utilizing our media resources and campus contacts to achieve the client's hiring target.

If you wish to place an advertisement on Career Post Weekly or on, please continue to our eHire system or call China our toll-free customer service line: 400-620-5100.