eSearch is the short form of executive search, a value-added service provided by The eSearch team is dedicated to providing search and selection services for mid-tier management and senior professionals for its corporate clients. The eSearch team consists of a large number of experienced search professionals who have been practitioners in the field for many years in multinational executive search firms. With solid knowledge and understanding of the culture of Asian and Western companies, our consultants have penetrating and incisive views on the development and management of modern human resource, with excellent strength in executive search.

Since our establishment, we have successfully placed many professionals in multinational corporations, public companies and hi-tech enterprises. Our team looks forward to serving you in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and several other cities.

As human capital is one of the most important assets of modern corporations, we believe that we are offering a critical service to our clients.

eSearch's competitive advantages are:
·The largest executive search team in China
·An unique and integrated recruiting solution
·The largest professional database
·Quick, accurate and efficient turnaround
·Full range of services from executive search to professional selection
·Support from both traditional and new media
·International service standard at a reasonable price
Our Commitment
Provide clients with a highly personalized solution!

Our Service
We provide two tiers of recruitment services, as follows:
·Executive Search
This service is focused on providing the recruitment of and consulting services geared toward senior level and mid-tier executives. We promise our clients that we will submit a short-list of pre-evaluated and suitable candidates within two to three weeks.

We take the following procedure to ensure that our service meets your requirements,

Step One: Analyze The Client's Needs

To ensure a thorough understanding of the client's culture, history, service and products as well as its management style, we would conduct in-depth communication with the client, acquire accurate insight into the environment related to the position, including responsibilities, reporting line, subordinates, qualifications and salary budget.

Step Two: Map & Execute Search Plan
On the basis of our solid knowledge of the market and taking into consideration the profile of the position, we develop a strategic search plan for each position. We make extensive exploration of every prospective candidate and contact them to gather key information by means of our huge database, our extensive industry networks as well as our personal contacts. The recruitment ads of the position will also appear in Career Post and on an anonymous basis at the same time.

Step Three: Screen Candidates
We screen out the unsuitable candidates by analyzing all the facts that we gather. Then we determine who should be interviewed using a specific set of criteria such as their present status, qualifications, communication skills, motivation and probability of taking a new job, salary levels, etc.

Step Four: Interview & Evaluate
We conduct face-to-face interviews with qualified candidates to evaluate their character, leadership, knowledge and skills, achievements, advantages and disadvantages, reasons for leaving previous job, etc. After the interviews, we will summarize our findings in interview reports, with in-depth comments based on overall evaluation.

Step Five: Present Shortlist & Arrange Subsequent Interviews
We present the client with a candidate short-list and arrange subsequent interviews for them. We assist both parties in the negotiation of the compensation package in an orderly, fair and respectful manner.

Step Six: Consulting & Follow up
We consult and help the offeree in the process of resigning from their previous employer. We keep frequent contacts with both parties and assist in solving difficulties and obstacles that arise during the probationary period. We ensure that both sides are satisfied with each other from the start.

·Professional Selection
This service is targeted towards finding qualified candidates for more junior positions and a selection of professional positions. The service offers clients a more cost effective and timely solution to meet their needs. We promise our clients that we will submit a short-list of candidate resumes, complete with a preliminary screening report, within two to three days.

We take the following procedure to ensure that our service meets your requirements,

Step One: Analyze The Client's Needs
We conduct in-depth communication with the client to ensure accurate understanding of the position's responsibilities, qualifications and salary budget.

Step Two: Search Database & Pre-Screen
We develop an extensive and thorough search criteria for the position through our resume database, which is the largest in China. We analyze and rank search results by order of suitability. Then we conduct telephone interviews to confirm resume details and interest level in the positions offered.

Step Three: Present Candidate Shortlist & Arrange Interviews
We present the resumes of short-listed candidates along with their telephone interview reports, and arrange for interviews. We assist both parties in the negotiations of the compensation package in an orderly, fair and respectful manner.

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